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good time in watamu
25 Oct

Good time in Watamu. Go to girl.

Learn to take a break. It’s not selfish go see some starfish. It’s a basic requirement. When you feel exhausted learn to take a break instead of quitting. This ladies and gentlemen is my excuse for taking a week off from my normal life. So take a deep breath and imagine you came too.

I had such a relaxing time at the resort. Just the entrance tells it all, we were ushered in with cooling towels to cool our bodies after the long trip and glasses of juice. Instead of the usual hard reception seats they have beautiful sofas for you to relax on as they find you a room.

Our luggage was then carried to the twin room which is a spacious room with two beds, that you can share with a friend but they are not squeezed at all. The staff is so polite, it might take me a while to recover. “Jambo, naomba nichukue virago vyako.” Our waiters in Nairobi should take a few lessons from them.

The room was simply breath taking. From the bedsheets, to the walls, the towels, the desk, the curtains, the mosquito net, I mean everything was white. The room had a balcony with the view of the ocean and my obsession with big shower heads was satisfied to the max. Air conditioning, a fridge and a TV just made the stay more heavenly.

I know what you are waiting for, the food. All types of sea food from fish to crabs to octopus to others I’ve never heard of. African cuisine ,which was my personal favorite, included pilau, coconut rice, roasted beef they even had chicken in coconut cream, I’m hungry just thinking about all that food.

Let’s not even talk about the desserts i.e. coconut cake (I love cake and I love coconut, Soo😉), some Italian desserts that I have tried to remember since immediately I was told, My! And breakfast was just amazing, all types of cakes, eggs, sausages, juice, tea, cocoa, bread everything you ever needed in a breakfast, they got it!

But don’t worry if you eat a little too much. You can burn the extra calories in the aqua gym. For the weekend it was the Italian/ Kenyan no. 1 water aerobics. I got to learn some new Italian words like uno, due, tre, Quattro, Cinque which is numbers one to five. Highlight of my days by the way, thinking of trying aqua gym seriously.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the new friends I made on the trip. Some wild, sweet, on their way to being wild. The little weekend was tons better with my new friends around. I hope the friendships remain, it’s just amazing to see people at their most relaxed form, ignoring normal stresses of reality.

We had dinner at the beach and a beach party afterwards at Papa Remo beach bar. Haven’t danced like that in a long time. Laughter, moves, drinks, the ocean waves and the light smell of the ocean. I felt the ocean and the breeze allover my skin with the light ocean scent. I love the feeling.

The beach is one of the cleanest I have seen in my entire life. The sand even feels smooth, something like flour. The beach has a very small number of idlers so you are free to walk around and take pictures in your bikini. Sun bathing was the order of the day. My skin feels like its on fire ( text me remedies). Totally worth it though.

Seriously tried to look for some downsides to this resort and it was the hardest thing. Still found some, the Wi-Fi wasn’t free. In fact we had to pay a thousand bob to access the Wi-Fi. Two, there was nothing interesting around the hotel e.g. clubs, sites, supermarkets etc. Although most of these was hard to notice given I came to the hotel to escape for a moment.

Anyway, to the beautiful sunrise, the three pools, buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner, to the aqua gym, to the room service (which I really need even in real life), beach parties, it’s going to take me a really long time to come back to reality. Best weekend I have had in my entire life. Thank you 💙

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